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Mycvshr – Everybody today expects a lot from their workplace. When one gives his or her 100 percent of energy and possible efforts, he or she also expects the company to provide some sort of appreciation or a personalized package in return that will be competitive and comprehensive in nature. This customizable package must serve each working individual with a reward that meets all of their personal goals and needs. This is what the CVS Health package presents to the individuals that work for it. This highly beneficial and satisfactory offer comes with a list of benefits and positive compensations that come via the various wellness programs. CVS Health also provides its clients with some of the best incentives to honor and recognize their efforts towards the work.

CVS Health does not only offer medical prescriptions but also with health savings accounts that can be used by the client quite comfortably. From purchase plans, accidents and disability claims, insurance plans, to adaptation benefits, reimbursements, and paid leaves, CVS Health will give it all to you! We also provide extra wages using discounts and offers and also cover the minimum wage requirements set up by the state and the federation.

Some of the benefits and packages offered by CVS Health include the following-

Physical Health

We at CVS Health offer each individual with a fixed set of programs that has packages including cover for basic health issues to problems of vision and dental. You can get your hands on some of the most beneficial health incentive programs that are helpful not only to you but also to your family.

Financial Health

The Financial Health package will provide you with financial support that can guide you through a bright and comfortable future.

Professional Health

Help in the professional field is essential as it will boost your confidence, giving you an adequate environment to give you the best.

MyCVShr is a CVS employee login portal for the people working at CVS Health and MinuteClinic. The web portal is a fast and efficient way for you to access your work resources and it provides you with detailed information regarding your paystubs, employee benefits, work schedules and also provides information to employees who have left the company or have retired under ‘former colleagues’.

MyCVShr Employee Login

Resources you can access through the CVS Health HR portal

Here is a list of resource you’d be able to access through the CVS employee login:

  • CVS Health paystubs
  • CVS Health benefits information
  • CVS Health work schedules
  • CVS Health direct deposit details
  • Minute Clinic paystubs
  • Minute Clinic benefits information
  • Minute Clinic work schedules
  • Minute Clinic direct deposit details

How to access the CVS Health HR portal

You can access the CVS Health HR portal for both CVS Health and Minute Clinic employees through go to this address from your internet browser and you’d be able to access the CVS Health HR portal.

How to use the CVS Health HR portal

To use the CVS Health HR portal you need to have an account on the portal and you have to log in to the portal to use the resources. Going to the web URL provided in the above section will take you the login page of the web portal. You have to enter your credentials and click on Sign In and you’d be logged in to the web portal and you’d be redirected to your home screen. The above instructions can be summed up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the web URL of the portal ( through an internet browser
  2. Log in by entering your credentials.
  3. Use the menu and other tabs/links to access the relevant resources

Logging into the CVS Health HR portal

To sign into the CVS Health HR portal, you’d need to enter your credentials on the Login page. The credentials required are a Username and a Password. For employees from different areas, the Username and Password are different depending up on your branch or company. First, go on to the mycvshr website, and then on the login page enter your credentials.

For a CVS employee working at CVS Health stores, the username is their 7-digit employee ID and the password is the one they use to login to their CVSLEARNet system. The same is true for ‘Momentum’ employees.

For the workers of Minute Clinic, the username is their 7-digit employee ID while their password is the one they use for the ‘Federate’ platform.

For people working at CVS Health distribution centers, the username is their 7-digit employee ID and the password is the one they use for ‘myHR’.

How to access specific resources on the CVS Health HR portal

You can use the menus/links to navigate through the available resources and access the specific resources you want. These menus/links are self-explanatory and one can easily find whatever it is that they are searching. By simply clicking on the relevant menu/link one can easily and quickly access their paystub and other relevant details. The menus/links are labelled very clearly making it very easy for you to access the resource you want.

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