MyCVShr – MyCVShr Employee Login

MyCVShr – CVS health care has a long chain of employees to manage; sometimes offline management can get really tacky. Thus, CVS has come up with a cvs employee login website named It is a centralized website providing better and more efficient way of communication between the company. On myhrcvs website cvs employee can discover various benefits including information about pay stubs, employee benefit schemes, work schedules and other employee welfare news and information. Cvsmyhr does not only service the existing customers but also ex-employees and helps them find out about their pensions and retirement details.

Employee Login – MyCVShr


Here is an elaborated list of facilities provided by cvs hr website.

  • Health benefits information
  • Health paystubs
  • Health direct deposit details
  • Health work schedules
  • Minute Clinic direct deposit details
  • Minute Clinic pay stubs
  • Minute Clinic benefits information
  • Minute Clinic work schedules

my hr CVS health portal access

For minute clinic employees and CVS health employees, CVS has a dedicated websites. They can simply visit website to gain access to the plans directly and view details.

Information on usage of my cvs hr website.

It is crucial to have an account on myhrcvs website for you to enjoy its benefits. How you do it is fairly simple. You’ll have to visit the website, login with details provided to you by your company, on the homepage you’ll find various links that can be used accordingly.

The steps are fairly simple. To log in to the health website. Just visit the website, enter the details required, i.e your username and password. These details are not constant and change from branch to branch. If you are shifted from one branch to other, in that case also you might receive a new login ID and password according to the branch’s policy.

The username is not very difficult to find, if you are a new user at CVS the username is generally your 7 digit employee ID code and password is provided to you while joining. It is suggested that you keep changing this password from time to time to make your activities secure.

Same goes from Minute Clinic employees their details are also provided to them. 7 digit code is employee username followed by password provided during joining used for the “Federate” platform.
Individuals who are employees of CVS health distribution center also get their username in form of 7 digit employee ID and password again is provided during joining that they use for “myHR”.

Special resources access at CVS Health HR Portal

Once on the website, you can login and on the home page you can navigate to find available resources and select the particular facility you wish to choose. It is fairly easy to use but requires basic computing skills and internet usage knowledge. If you are a CVS employee just login to the website and start benefiting. Make sure to remember your username and password since they are crucial.